Campement Guertin update

Campement Guertin update

This morning, the Devcore group shared some inspiring news about the Guertin camp, which since December 18 has offered shelter to the homeless in 48 heated tents. The camp’s stability has enabled concrete steps to be taken, such as obtaining health insurance cards and accessing social assistance, and there has been a marked drop in drug use and incidents of violence.

In addition to the report, Devcore took the opportunity to strongly oppose the abandonment of the sanitary block project at 117 rue Carillon.

Read the press release to learn more about our ongoing commitment.

A word from the president

“We remain determined to make the showers and laundry accessible to all, and invite all key stakeholders to the table to find solutions. But one thing is certain: abandoning the project is not an option when people’s dignity is at stake,” says Jean-Pierre Poulin.